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Justin's Story

On October 10, 2006, United States Marine Sgt. Justin Weathers was investigating a suspicious package which was left behind by an unknown Iraqi citizen. As they approached the area, the package exploded, sending shrapnel in every direction. Sgt. Weathers felt a sharp burn in his elbow, realized he could not move his arm but did not want to look down. He grabbed a fellow marine, (who had been knocked off his feet by the explosion) by his collar strap with his other arm and began to drag him away from the area.

Once a safe distance away, Sgt. Weathers realized he had been hit as blood began to drip from his left hand. He saw the rip in his uniform in the front of his elbow. The rest of his story becomes a little fuzzy as he was given several doses of pain medication. Before he knew it, he was at an EVAC hospital, then Germany, then to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina where he underwent surgery to repair his shattered elbow.

Several surgeries were required to remove the one and a one half inch piece of metal shrapnel, (which Justin now carries in a plastic lab bottle) clean the wound, and repair his elbow. Two plates, 23 screws and one Purple Heart later, Sgt. Justin Weathers has returned to his Flint, MI home to rehabilitate his left arm.

We must have nothing but thanks and gratitude to these young men who put their life on the line every day in Iraq to defend the freedom which we so richly enjoy in this country.

Thank you Justin for your service to our country.

Dr. Rick

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