Active Physical Therapy & Wellness

If your storm is due to an accident, surgery or illness and it is keeping you from enjoying your life - there is hope! Contact Active Physical Therapy and Wellness today to find out what Dr. Rick and his team can do for you.

Active PT is a private, family-owned orthopedic physical therapy clinic based out of Flint, Michigan. We provide a place of healing in a compassionate and friendly environment. Owner, Dr. Rick Bastarache, has a passion for healing and specializes in manual techniques that improve function and restore tissue mobility.

We treat all musculoskeletal injuries/impairments

    Low Back Pain
    Neck Pain
    Muscle strains
    Joint injury
    Sports injury
    Post surgery rehabilitation
    Total joint replacement
    Ligament sprains
    Above knee (AKA) and below knee (BKA) amputees

Young or old, it’s never too late to get strong and engage in meaningful life activities. Call today to speak with our caring staff, and find out how Active PT can bring hope in YOUR storm!

Call Today! 810-694-1037

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